Our services

The range of services is wide and complex.
Thanks to its multiple capabilities, the Company adapts itself to the needs of each client and this make it the best solution to the following requirements:

Design and Engineering

To a specific request a feasibility study is made. If the analysis satisfies client's expectations, the product development could begin: the design of the electronic circuit and the study of the master for the creation of printed circuit.
When production engineering is done, everything is made with the maximum care, to get the best from production strategies.



A high level of automation and choices made about the equipment, have made possible for the Company to get a high flexibility in the productive process. All this background allows Boston Elettronica to operate with low prices also in small production line batches, always keeping the best price/quality ratio.


Collaboration in the last few years with the most important Distributors of electronic components, permits the Company to achieve affordable materials and service supplies. Having a wide stock of passive and active components completely available, either with PTH and SMT technology, could guarantee the best supplying time.

Printed circuits:

The tight collaboration with qualified manufacturers allows, when requested, to complete the PCB design with supplying of printed circuits. About products made with SMT technology components is provided the production of equipment necessary to assemble them.

Machinery inventory:

Electronic production is made with specific machinery, and it is diversified in relationship with the technology involved.
To assemble PTH components are used forming and cutting machines. All components, after a manual insertion, are soldered with a wave soldering machine SEHO 1025 PCS.
The three main stages of the productive process with SMT technology are made with: semi-automatic sarigraphy machines DEK 248 and TWS SR 2700 for solder paste application, pick&place TWS QUADRA LASER e TWS DVC Evo to position the components, a reflow oven TWS ov1385 Evo for the soldering.
At the end of the productive process, an optical inspection it's made using MANTIS and LEICA WILD M3Z viewers.


Programming, testing and assembly

The Company can program some families of microcontrollers, it can make functional tests on products with certified equipment and make electric security tests on automatic computerized test bench ABAG.
When requested, Boston Elettronica could realize the whole product.
To satisfy this requirement, electronic circuits are assembled with mechanical parts, and the final item is labeled and packed.



To offer a higher level to the final product, collaborations with companies in various sectors are ongoing.
Small structural mechanical parts can be supplied: front panels, supports, etc. the same with plastic parts: light guide, buttons, spacers.
Custom silk-screen printings are designed and made later.



For the clients is available a certification assistance service, from technical regulatory prescan to all the analysis which are necessary for the product to be certificated in compliance with the European regulations.
The client can also request electric security tests and electromagnetic compatibility, that will be made by the most reliable qualified authorities.