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Who we are

Our company

Boston Elettronica was born in 1995.
It is the natural evolution of the previous industrial institutions started by the founders, who have been on the market for more than fifteen years.
The union of knowledge and previous experiences, allows the Company to operate with professionalism and services completeness.
Since its beginning, Boston Elettronica has always been looking for a specific and particular development, always improving the range of services it offers, the specific technical equipment and the partners involved.
A constant evolution through the years and a strengthening of the Company development have made possible to achieve two big improvements: higher impulse in research of new solutions and the opportunity to offer products certifications.
The headquarters are in a 600 sq.m. industrial building where fifteen people work as production operators, technical office personnel and sales personnel.

Our philosophy

Boston Elettronica doesn't love being called a ”supplier”, but prefers a collaborative relationship, because only a successful client could be translated into a success for the Company itself.
The Company believes that a close partnership with the client is essential for every kind of development strategy. Business or market don't exist without the most complete care about the economics and qualitative needs of the clients, this is the Company Vision.
For this reason all the client's problems become Company's problems too, and in respect to this philosophy, a relationship with clients who appreciate this co-operative line it's preferred, to build a synergy based on mutual trust.
Within the Company, everyone is sure that the collaboration in the last years together with the clients has made possible getting to the current great results.

What we do

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  • Various services

    Design and engineering upon specific request.
    Small and large production line batches.
    Programming, testing and assembly.
    Accessories for finished product completion.
    Products certification assistance.

  • Quality

    The quality of all services and products, fundamental requirement for our company, is guaranteed by our qualified staff and by extreme care devoted to our work.

The experience through the years has led Boston Elettronica in illuminating engineering field. Some examples of products are:

  • linear


    Linear power and middle-power professional LED lamp, available for recessed or field installation in different lenghts.

  • driver


    Single and multi-channel constant current drivers, available with DIN rail case or open frame.

  • portable


    Easy transportable LED lamps supplied by rechargeable batteries.